Usually on the first weekend of March (Fri to Sun)


Stadthalle Vennehof in 46325 Borken (Westf.), Germany


Printmaking artworks of all kinds: woodcarving, etching, copperplate engraving, lithography, linocut, screen printing, photography and lots more


The organizers are the City of Borken and the District of Borken


An expert jury selects who gets a stand on the Graphic Arts Fair.

I have been visiting the Graphic Arts Fair regularly for many years, at first only out of curiosity, but since then I have really become a collector.

— Gisela B. (63) from Borken

For me as a gallery owner, the Graphic Arts Fair is always a great opportunity to discover interesting artists and above all their work.

— Tine Z. (47) from Winterswijk

A few years ago, I got the chance to present my works at the Graphic Arts Fair in Borken and in retrospect, I have to say that this has really helped me advance my career as an artist. To be in contact with collectors and gallerists, as well as other artists has been incredibly valuable to me.

— Niklas K. (29) from Dortmund

Actually, I'm not really an art person, but my wife dragged me here. I've really enjoyed what I've seen and now go every year.

— Helmuth W. (56) from Osnabrück

I look forward to the fair every year. The atmosphere is very friendly and professional. Talking shop is a lot of fun, and every year the endless possibilities of printmaking inspire me anew.

— Britta Kusch-Arnhold (City of Borken)